Regional Development Corp

The Lake Champlain – Lake George Regional Development Corporation (LCLGRDC) is a non-profit entity that was created in the late 1980’s to accept funds from the US Department of Agriculture for an Intermediary Relending Program (IRP) similar to the already established LCLGRPB Revolving Loan Fund.

Currently, the IRP has six open loans to businesses throughout the 5-county region:

The LCLGRDC is not currently accepting applications for new loans.
Current Loan Information

The LCLGRDC is subject to the 2005 NYS Public Authorities Accountability Act (PAAA), which ensures oversight of efficiency and transparency for Public Authorities. The following documents are posted as part of the Act’s compliance requirements.


Beth Hunt, Hamilton County
Harry Booth, Washington County
Pete Keenan, Clinton County
Ron Jackson, Essex County
John Strough, Warren County
David O’Brien, Chairman, LCLGRPB
Beth Gilles, Director, LCLGRPB


The LCLGRDC was formed to:

Certificate of Incorporation

The LCLGRDC was incorporated in 1989.


The Bylaws for the LCLGRDC were amended in October 2018.

Organizational Information



Reports and Audits

Below are copies of the most recent LCLGRDC audits of the financials.

Meeting Minutes

November 22, 2019 LCLGRDC Meeting
Governance Committee Meeting Agenda
Finance Committee Meeting Agenda
Audit Committee Meeting Agenda

July 16, 2019 LCLGRDC Meeting
Draft Minutes

March 25, 2019 LCLGRDC Special Meeting

October 4, 2018 LCLGRDC Meeting


Resolutions as of July 3, 2019