Project WET, WILD and WILD Aquatic

Project WET (Water Education for Teachers), Project WILD and Project WILD: Aquatic are nationally syndicated programs that help integrate fun, hands-on activities into science and math curriculums. Developed by the Project WET Foundation and the Council for Environmental Conservation, respectively, these programs help educators teach their students an array of water quality concepts, wildlife conservation and overall environmental stewardship roles. In the Project WET curriculum, educators illustrate different water quality concepts including the physical and chemical characteristics of water, the connection of water to the Earth systems, how water resources are managed and how water resources exist within social constructs. The materials for the Project WILD/WILD: Aquatic curriculum help convey the importance of connecting people and wildlife by learning about the wildlife we share our environment with and teaching students how to co-exist with that wildlife, while protecting it and the environment.

Upon completion of the free educator workshop, each participant receives a Project WET or Project WILD/WILD: Aquatic Activity and Curriculum Guide, which contains activities coded for different grade levels; K - 2, 3 - 5 (upper elementary), 6 - 8 (middle school) and 9 - 12 (high school). Each activity in the book has a list of materials needed, the procedures for the activity, evaluation suggestions, duration, setting requirements and key terms.

Unique to the workshops organized by the Regional Planning Board, each participating school or organization is also provided with a "Treasure Chest," which contains all the materials needed to perform five of the activities in the Curriculum Guides. These materials include beakers, graduated cylinders, magnifying glasses, metal buckets, string, duct tape, markers, sponges and much more.

As school budgets in New York State continue to be cut, hands-on, creative teaching opportunities are lost. The main objective of the Project WET and WILD Teacher Workshop organized by the Regional Planning Board and our partners is to provide innovative educational training and necessary supplies to local teachers that are in areas with decreased school budgets. Please check back frequently to see if we are planning a free, 4.5 hour workshop in your area!

Educator workshops for these programs are available throughout New York State and are performed by NYS DEC certified Project WET/WILD Facilitators. Locally, staff at the Regional Planning Board, Lake George Association and Essex County Soil & Water Conservation District are certified facilitators, and organize trainings throughout the five-county region as funding is available.

NYS DEC Workshops for Educators