Onsite Wastewater Design Trainings

In recent years CWICNY has stepped up their involvement in sponsoring affordable, high quality trainings for local professionals and municipal employees, including providing training on onsite wastewater design. In 2010, CWICNY, along with the Regional Planning Board and Lake George Association, sponsored the first ever Small Scale Onsite Wastewater System Design II Alternative Systems training. The curriculum was developed by the New York Onsite Wastewater Treatment Training Network (OTN) and over 85 state, municipal, and private engineers and code enforcement officers attended.

In 2011, CWICNY and its partners organized and sponsored two Onsite Wastewater Design 1 trainings in Lake George and Lake Placid. This two day training was geared towards code enforcement officers, engineers, contractors, health officials and anyone in the wastewater treatment profession. Together, over 70 local professionals were educated on the updated NYS Department of Health regulations and new and improved system installation.

If you have any questions about the training please contact Beth Gilles at (518) 668-5773 or bgilles_rpb@verizon.net.

2010 OTN Training