Public Participation

Information for Residents

No municipality alone possesses the time and resources to accomplish all the work to be done to better our water quality for the future. But when communities and municipalities work together, we can all help keep our local waters clean.

What can you do to help? GET INVOLVED!

Look to your local, county, state and not-for-profits organizations for public participation activities in your area. Some common programs include:

Stream clean-ups
Storm drain marking programs
Volunteer outfall monitoring programs
Native and rain garden plantings

Information for Municipalities

Public involvement projects and programs give municipalities the ability to use volunteer time to undertake activities that work towards a common goal as well as meet program requirements.

According to the US EPA permit, a regulated municipality must, at the minimum:

  • You must, at a minimum, comply with State, Tribal and local public notice requirements when implementing a public involvement/ participation program.
  • Guidance: EPA recommends that the public be included in developing, implementing, and reviewing your stormwater management program and that the public participation process should make efforts to reach out and engage all economic and ethnic groups. Opportunities for members of the public to participate in program development and implementation include serving as citizen representatives on a local stormwater management panel, attending public hearings, working as citizen volunteers to educate other individuals about the program, assisting in program coordination with other pre-existing programs, or participating in volunteer monitoring efforts. (Citizens should obtain approval where necessary for lawful access to monitoring sites.)

For additional guidance on the Minimum Control Measure 2 regulations check out this fact sheet on the Public Involvement/Participation Minimum Measure or visit