Lake Champlain Basin Program Grants

Education and Outreach Grant

Storm Drain Marking Map In early 2010 the Regional Planning Board was awarded an Education and Outreach grant from the Lake Champlain Basin Program for the New York State Champlain Watershed Storm Drain Marking Program. This program is geared towards students grades 4 through 12 and teaches them the sources of stormwater runoff from their homes and neighborhoods, the effects that the pollution has on their local water quality and the water quality of Lake Champlain and ways to reduce stormwater pollution. From July 2010 to June 2011 nearly 250 students and municipal employees placed 300 storm drain markers within; the Towns of Elizabethtown, Jay, Keene, Moriah, Westport, Wilmington and Willsboro (Essex County); Village of Saranac Lake (Franklin County); City of Glens Falls and Town of Queensbury (Warren County); and the Village of Fort Ann (Washington County). The markers were placed in an array of residential and commercial areas around housing developments, store fronts, schools, gas stations and even at the Warren County Airport.

The Regional Planning Board performed this program with the help of the five County Water Quality Coordinating Committees in Warren, Washington, Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties. The educational program and storm drain markers are still available free of charge, so please contact Beth Gilles at (518)668-5773 or for more information or to book a classroom visit.

Storm Drain Marking Final Report
Storm Drain Marking Presentation

storm drain marking
storm drain marker

Pollution Prevention Grant

In 2011 the Regional Planning Board received another grant from the Lake Champlain Basin Program, this time from their Pollution Prevention funding. The RPB was awarded $21,525 for the Lake George Onsite Septic Improvement Program. The program consisted of cost-shared septic pump-out for homeowners that reside within 500 feet of Lake George in the Town of Bolton/Huddle Brook area, Diamond Point and Sabbath Day/Silver Bay area. Participants also had their septic systems inspected by certified staff from the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District, were educated on proper septic system maintenance and given water conservation kits for their homes by staff from the Lake George Association. The program ran throughout the summer of 2011, and overall 80,000 gallons of septic effluent were removed from over 150 homes.

Final Report
Map 1 - Diamond Point
Map 2 - Bolton
Map 3 - Silver Bay
Map 4 - Hague
Map 5 - Northwest Bay
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