Who We Are

The Lake Champlain-Lake George Regional Planning Board (LCLGRPB) is one of nine regional planning and development organizations operating in New York State. The LCLGRPB covers the five counties of Clinton, Essex, Hamilton, Warren, and Washington.

Mission Statement

The Lake Champlain-Lake George Regional Planning Board was created in 1967 as a development organization operating in New York State under Article 12-B, Section 239h of the General Municipal Law. Our mission is to promote sustainable economic development that strengthens our communities, provides quality jobs and preserves the unique natural, historical and cultural characteristics of the region.

Economic Development Role

The LCLGRPB programs are focused primarily on supporting local economic and community development projects. The LCLGRPB acts as a link between local needs and federal/state funding programs. The LCLGRPB is an advisory body, not a regulatory agency.

Target Customer/Client

The services the LCLGRPB provide are directed at aiding local efforts that promote sustained economic growth and essential community services and development projects. Local municipal government and the business community are the target customers.